LULULEMON & phoTAIgraphy

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

This year, I will be representing Lululemon as one of their Santa Barbara ambassadors.  I am very excited.  My friend Susan says it best while sniffing the sleeve of one of her many marked hoodies, “There’s nothing like a Lulu.”  Yes, tis true.  Lulu is clearly the Prada of running garb.

However, beyond the perfect fit, popping colors, and fresh styles, Lululemon totes a well rounded message prompting consumers to Sweat Once a Day, drink water, floss, relax, set goals, and strive for longevity.  Marketing gone right!  Why not market a healthy lifestyle and while you’re at it, make it look fabulous.

Oh and if you didn’t know, they are really nice too.  Well, it is a Canadian company of course so nice is like you know having toes.  Our local store, yes owned by a Canuck (I can say that, I married one!), is as full of sweet smiling gals as it is gear.  Furthermore, clinics and classes are run right out of the store.  Everything from running workshops to yoga to hula hoop jams goes on and goes good.

As an ambassador, I get a big poster of me on the wall.  Hmmmmm, OK.  I got to participate in a photo shoot to capture the right wall worthy shot.  This was FUN!  Photographer Tai Kerbs was not only easy to work with, but look what she did!  What is better than running Santa Barbara lit up in pink Lulu?

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

Kim, Drea, Isla, Lachlan, Mary, & Sam: phoTAIgraphy

There is a new Lululemon page set up over there…to your right….see it?


~ by Drea on March 16, 2010.

16 Responses to “LULULEMON & phoTAIgraphy”

  1. I was just sniffing my newest Lulu hoodie this morning. Very cool pics! I look forward to seeing your poster at the store!

    • Yeah you were definitely looking LULU-cious this morning. I love that purple color, oooooh. On a recent hoodie purchase my husband remarked with force, “HOW MANY lulu sweatshirts do you NEED?” Snickers through clenched teeth, “Well, how many do they have?”

  2. Love the pics! Love the Lulu! I know your shoes aren’t part of the discussion, but, are they Nike? If so, do you like them? I was looking at this seemingly very cool Nike shoe the other day, but passed on it because I’m such an Asics or Brooks chick. But the bottoms are PINK!!! I LOVE! Very nice post; wish we had a Lulu in our neck of the woods…franchise perhaps???!!!

    • Hi! You can get lulu on line now. The stuff is so good lots of gals sell it on ebay too, oops, shhhh. The shoes are Nike LunarGlides. I like them lots. I was an Asics gal for years, but switched back to Nike recently as their product is really good now. I also run in the Nike Structure, LunarLite and LunarRacer.

  3. I got glides too, after our discussion, I tried them and me likey. Though I’m in drs office now hoping for shin splint and not a stress fracture 😦 there go Easter relays this week-end . Sigh.

    • Oh no! I hope you get better quick! I bet not a fracture. Ice, Rest, Glass of Wine, and absolutely NO laundry. That should fix it.

  4. Love your pictures Drea!! Nothing like a Lulu

  5. Yes, I’ll take that advice. Rest=Boring. But I like your prescription. May I call you… Dr Dre???

  6. Go Pink Lightning!

  7. You may not realize the power of your pen…..or keystroke if you will. After reading your post I bought two pairs of lulu shorts online. Can’t wait to get them!

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