Calling on Austin

I am heading to Austin, Texas this weekend.  I asked around for someone to run with, but received an answer that ain’t nobody running my paces in the cool capital town.  Uh-um…say what?

The University of Texas is there!  There must be as many fast feet as fire ants and I know the summer has not yet squelched everyone onto a rubber treadmill band wagon.  Besides, even when it does get too hot, all good runners know you just slam a 32 oz Sonic Cherry Slush pre-run to cool the core temperature to optimal elements before the internal blister boils the pot and you puke cherry snot on a very prominent Stevie Ray Vaughan statue.

Doesn’t this diva hang out there?  I am sure Desiree would gladly hand me my own butt with sweet southern hospitality.  Ah well, guess I run alone Saturday morning.

Hmmm, I wonder if a frozen margarita from Chuy’s does the same internal cooling as a sugary slushie.  Experiment?  Probably not a good idea.


~ by Drea on May 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “Calling on Austin”

  1. I would think there would be a strong chance of a brain freeze there but I’m willing to try it.

    Not that Dutter is much better, but with a name like Ficker, you better be tough.

    We’ll try to be strong while you are gone…hurry back (but make an impression while you are there)

  2. Hey Drea.. Have a safe trip to Texas! Hopefully catch up with you soon. 🙂


    • Hey Jamie! Will you be back at group soon? You are off to Hawaii in not too long right? FUN! Yee-haw.

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