If It Ain’t Broke….

What Will We Wear?


Salsa, chicken tacos, Long horns, ten gallon hats, steel toes, tattoos, big hair, big bikes, big trucks, big gulps, big um…sky, snow cones, chocolate covered bacon, rain showers, afternoon heat, and partying streets, Austin Texas takes a lot of pride in highlighting the “ya’ll” in everything from The Cats’ Mean Eye to Waterloo Records. 

I definitely didn’t come to Mess With Texas.  I am one of five girls and we all collected together in the lone star state to celebrate my littlest sister’s engagement. 

Sticking to my training, I tried to cautiously limit flaming hot salsa down the gullet Friday night.  I didn’t want to put fire on the back porch during a tempo run.  I drank my tall glass of water and declined the frozen swirly margaritas.  I hit Town Lake early Saturday morning just as rain showers ceased.  I have run this lake hundreds of times over the five years that I lived in Austin, but I guess I never knew exactly how far it was.  It never mattered to me before if something was 3.67 miles or 4.23.  I just called that “Four.” 

After looping my warm up past Stevie Ray, cedar trees, and yes the same guy I used to see everyday wearing the same hoodie up over his head with now just a tad more salt in his beard, I stood ready to get started on a 9 mile tempo.  More people jogged the lake now and YES Austin has fast runners!  A whole bunch of them zipped toward me, around me, through me like stangs on a plain.  Feet with flames and bodies that billboarded their miles, I got a few smiles and nods, but no “howdy’s.”  Surprisingly, not even from the man running in a black cowboy hat.  Oh come on!  Necessary? 

I quickly became frustrated at my time on my 4 mile loops.  I worked hard to maintain a 6:25-6:30 pace.  6:15’s snaked away from me and jumped in the river.  I thought about how lonely a marathon across the country might get when you are lost in the grind of the late miles and watchers know you only as the number branded on your chest.  I finished my workout frustrated and hurting.  Well, everything might really be bigger in Texas.  What was in my mind a 4 mile loop is actually a 4.23 mile loop!  That makes a big belt buckle of a difference. 

Yeehaw.  Or is that Yippe Kiyah.  I would ask the guy smoking a joint hanging out under the bridge playing Regae music or the ladies walking in burnt orange who are “Fixin’ ta…”, but there was shopping to do myself and lots of food to eat!   





~ by Drea on May 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “If It Ain’t Broke….”

  1. Notes on If it ain’t broke…
    You are supposed to ask the waiter to take your picture so we could get everyone in the picture at the same time.

    Which is the sister that is getting married?

    I can see some Schettler in one of the sisters but otherwise you bring a lot of variety to the table…need to see picture of mailman.

    All beauties though…


    • Briz, those are some remarks. The one getting married is Kathryn, she is third from the left in picture with champagne.

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