Bio: I am a girl.


Santa Barbara International Marathon 2009

I am a girl.  Ok, now that I have a master’s degree, a husband, and two small children, I suppose I am a woman.  But let’s just say, I am a girl who loves to run or bike or swim or do anything outdoors.  And yes I wear pig tails, consider candy corn a food, and hula hoop…well sort of.

Andrea “Drea” McLarty xoxo

Martin Sundberg Photography

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy


3 Responses to “Bio: I am a girl.”

  1. I have been following your blog…very funny. Congratulations on winning the SBIM! I am also a runnner and mother of 2 small children (1 & 3) and wonder how/when/where you find the time to train, be a mom, a wife and possible an employee? Is there any way to email you directly instead of through your blog?

  2. Hi Drea, I have started a Mileage Club at Peabody. I was wondering if you would be interested in attending a short meeting with us and giving a brief talk to the kids? Send me an email and I can answer any questions. Thanks, Heidi

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