My time at the Santa Barbara International Marathon earned me “B” status elite at most US marathons.  My injury earned me “caution” in any more marathons.  However, my dreaming pushes my will to try back at the starting line.  I would like to attempt to hit a marathon time of 2:46:00 or better and earn myself a “B” status entry into the 2012 US marathon Olympic trials

Returning from injury or not, this is a lofty goal.  My first attempt will be at Grandma’s Marathon June 19, 2010.  Reality tells me that I probably will not get there on my first try, but that is OK, because I am used to that.  Remember, I am also still trying to get my cinnamon rolls baked at a smokin’ 17:15 5k.  What is that saying?  “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again?”  Yes.  And of course there is always the persistent if not dellusional little engine that could whose mantra “I think I can,” is poster worthy. 

Apart from the actual clock time, I have another challenge: stay healthy and keep longevity in running.  As long as I can try to do both, I am going to keep pushing forward.  With 18 weeks until race day, I am starting significantly behind where I started my training for SBIM.  No worries!


Weekly Count Down to Grandma’s

5 Weeks: May 8th, Grandma’s website had it wrong.  I do need to run a sub 2:46 to make the trials.  OK.  Running is feeling more consistent and strong.  I am tired, but not falling into any holes.  The pain festering in my right foot/shin lingers no worse, no better.

6 Weeks: May 4th, After crawling all week with heavy legs, I was pleasantly surprised at what lies within.  If I don’t believe in myself, nobody else should!  I think I can, I think I can….

7 Weeks: April 24th, Well if you believe in Yasso 800’s (they start workouts with 4) then I am running well again.  Better news is that I got a gift today!  I was wrong about the qualifying time being Sub-2:46!  It is Sub-2:47!  I just got the glorious present of 60 seconds.  Thank you Running Gods!  Very thoughtful.

8 Weeks: April 19th, One big UGH! and then one lion sized GRRRRRRRRR.  What does that mean?  It means I got 8 weeks to focus and give this my best try.

9 Weeks: April 12th, I am not sure how I feel regarding training this week.  Is it seriously only 9 weeks?  George pointed out to me, “Now the hard work starts.”

10 Weeks: April 4th, Reality is bbbbbback.  Ha ha.  If someone could just take out gravity, I might be able to get somewhere.  Nitty gritty time is already here.  Focus.

11 Weeks: March 29th, First time that I can see the dream as real potential.

12 Weeks: March 22nd, Anxiety over first race of season this weekend.  This is fun, this is fun, this is fun.

13 Weeks: March 15th, Working harder, working faster.  Nothing easy about it, but liking what it is about.  Moving in the right direction!

14 Weeks: March 8th, Wow, nothing like Strep Throat to make you feel very, very un-super.  Captian Keflex to the rescue.  At least I have a truly legitimate reason to have ice cream for lunch.

15 Weeks: March 1st, Nothin’ sore anymore and numbers are lookin’ good.  Hmmmm.  Looked at the actual run down for hitting a 2:45:40, um, anyone got some rollerblades I can sneak into the race?  Yikes!

16 Weeks: February 23rd, The quads still protest, but I seem to be running my best.  Luck?  Focus?  Magic Gummi Bear vitamins?

17 Weeks: February 15th, First real tempo back in action went much better than expected, but tell that to my quads.  HOLY COW, who rolled me in lactic acid?  Ow.  Ah well, that is the good kind of pain. Ooooooh, we got work to do!

18 Weeks: February 8th, How the fluff did I ever run a marathon at 6:30 pace?  Now that is going to have to feel “easy.”  Ah to dream…”a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare…”


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