LULULEMON Santa Barbara

2010, I will be representing Lululemon as one of their Santa Barbara ambassadors.  I am very excited.  My friend Susan says it best while sniffing the sleeve of one of her many marked hoodies, “There’s nothing like a Lulu.”  Yes, tis true.  Lulu is clearly the Prada of running garb.

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

However, beyond the perfect fit, popping colors, and fresh styles, Lululemon totes a well rounded message prompting consumers to Sweat Once a Day, drink water, floss, relax, set goals, and strive for longevity.  Marketing gone right!  Why not market a healthy lifestyle and while you’re at it, make it look fabulous.

Oh and if you didn’t know, they are really nice too.  Well, it is a Canadian company of course so nice is like you know having toes.  Our local Santa Barbara store, yes owned by a Canuck (I can say that, I married one!), is as full of sweet smiling gals as it is gear.  Furthermore, clinics and classes are run right out of the store.  Everything from running workshops to yoga to hula hoop jams goes on and goes good.

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

Tai Kerbs phoTAIgraphy

Tia Kerbs phoTAIgraphy


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